Ishikoro–The State of Blogging In Syracuse

According to an article on blogs written by Sarah Boxer in the NY Review Of Books: “Today there are, by one count, more than 100 million blogs in the world, with about 15 million of them active. In Japan neglected or abandoned blogs are called ishikoro, pebbles.”

Unfortunately, more and more of the blogs that I like to read have become pebbles. It’s easy for me to find new blogs on the things that interest me–rock’n’roll, baseball and politics–it’s becoming harder to find blogs written about local issues. About the only new stuff being created comes out of the world: newspaper writers that are reaching beyond the page to extend the conversation.

There’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve learned a lot and have been able to have conversations with great journalists like Sean Kirst, Brian Cubbison, Maureen Sieh, Mark Bialczak–something that would have been impossible pre-Internet.

But are we losing the spark of independent voices joining the fray? Look at the blogroll listing of 27 Syracuse area blogs on NYCO’s Blog, the acknowledged hub of local blogging about local issues: 6 are non-profit organizations listing events, 1 is exclusively on national politics and 4 are blogs by reporters.

Of the 16 remaining independently produced blogs:
5 haven’t posted in 2008 and 3 have only a few token posts in 2008.

That leaves only 8 active, independently-produced blogs talking about Syracuse issues. Please let me know if I’ve missed any blogs or if I’m totally off-base. I’d really like to be wrong on this. Even better, set up a blog to criticize my point and to talk up the state of blogging Syracuse.


7 thoughts on “Ishikoro–The State of Blogging In Syracuse

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  1. we’ve been saying it for a long time, but i think it’s clearly time for a second enclave. that’s the best way of telling the living from the dead. let’s start thinking about it.



  2. The ishikoro, “pebbles” metaphor is a good one; it nicely represents the majority of first-time blogs that start with a splash but quickly sink. Most people underestimate the time and commitment required to maintain a blog. Personally I’d love to have the time to create content everyday, but in my own defense I have 3 young kids (ages 1 to 7) and a crappy 8 – 5 job to contend with. So for now I intermittently update hoping that I’ll be able to stake out more time as my kids get older (and less sick all the time).


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