The End Of The Year

A few thoughts at the end of the year:

1) I hate award shows, agreeing with the sentiment expressed by Woody Allen’s character in Annie Hall: “Awards! That’s all they do is give out awards, I can’t believe it. “Greatest Fascist Dictator: Adolph Hitler.” But there is great news for award show haters everywhere. The Writer’s Guild strike has the potential to outright kill the Golden Globes and force the Academy Awards to ad lib all performances and have no access to film clips. Many movie, tv and rock stars will boycott award shows because they will not cross picket lines. Union, forever!

2) While I hate award shows, I love year In review lists. Top 10, Best Of, Worst Of–I read them all. I have found the motherlode of lists, the website Fimoculous. The website describes itself: “A fimoculous is a micro-organism that consumes its own waste for sustenance . . . and devours the filth expunged on the mediascape.” Fimoculous has a link to hundreds of best of lists on topics such as books, movies, art, architecture, sports, business etc. Currently, there are 176 lists just on the best music of the year.

3) I will remember 2007 fondly, but I will also always be reminded that behind the joy was a tinge of sadness:

We moved into our beautiful new home and had my wife’s parent’s move into our old home, less than a mile away. While we enjoy our house and the proximity of our family, I’m reminded that the passing of my father and my inheritance is what enabled us to finance both projects.

Bruce’s new album and tour (especially the concert we saw in Albany!) were impressive events: full of the inspiration, hope and joy that his music always inspires. But the music is shot through with the acknowledgement that our everyday lives are being played in front of a backdrop of war, torture and government mendacity.

The Boston Red Sox won the World Series for the second time in four years, establishing themselves as the dominant team in the game. OK–no sadness whatsoever behind that one! Pitchers and catchers report to spring training in 44 days. Happy New Year.


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