Springsteen Grammy Nominations

Well, bumping up the release date of Magic on vinyl by a week helped Bruce snag four Grammy nominations, but none in the main categories of the night: Album, Song or Record of the Year.

Bruce did get several nominations in the Rock genre category:

Best Rock Album–Magic (competition: Daughtry, John Fogerty, Foo Fighters and Wilco)

Best Rock Song–Radio Nowhere (Lucinda Williams, White Stripes, Daughtry, Foo Fighters)

Solo Rock Vocal–Radio Nowhere (Beck, Paul McCartney, John Mellencamp, Lucinda Williams)

Bruce also snagged a nomination for Rock Instrumental performance for his contribution to the Ennio Morricone tribute album (We All Love Ennio Morricone): “Once Upon A Time In The West.” Listen to the competition here: Metallica, Rush, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai!

I’m betting that the Grammy’s will return to form and dis Bruce this year. Foo Fighters will win both rock song and album, not because they were any good, but because they were also nominated in the major categories of the night–record and album of the year and they definitely will not win those. Grammy’s like to give consolation prizes in the genre categories.

“Magic” wasn’t nominated for album of the year? It certainly should have been. However, “Radio Nowhere” will be hard pressed to beat out the collection of former Beatles, Chevy commercials, American Idols and indie heroes it’s up against. It’s an OK song, but not the best on the album.

My guess is Bruce may only take the instrumental award, since the Grammy’s have never liked hard rock. He’s the “safe” choice in that category. “Magic” gets shut out.

The Grammy Awards, they hate rock anyway. The greatest rock band ever (Rolling Stones) never won a Grammy for a song or album–just a belated “career achievement” award. Remember Christopher Cross? His album beat out the Clash’s London Calling in 1980. Enough said. Rockers should just rent a movie on Grammy night.


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  1. The Grammys are bunk…Just like you said, they lost credibility years ago…as far as I’m concerned, watching the Grammys these days is no better than watching “reality t.v.” There’s nothing real about it…


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