The Campaign Signs Multiply Like Kudzu

Some thoughts after the recent local elections:

1) Did anyone see any of Magnarelli’s lackluster appearances and not think he was going to get creamed by Joanie?

2) Isn’t any candidate who is routinely referred to by voters and media by their first name a prohibitive favorite from the get-go?

3) Was the County Exec race about personality or a return to the old rigid City-Democratic, County-Republican voting patterns recently bucked by Presidential, US Senate and Congressional candidates? Should Maffei be worried?

4) Is Mayor Driscoll upset that he can’t step up into Albany politics via a vacant Magnarelli seat or is he already planning a shot at Joanie for County Executive in four years?

5) Best win–Common Council: Michael Heagerty, 1st District. The guy behind both the Armory Square rennaisance (Pastabilities/Styleen’s) and the Palace Theatre renovation in Eastwood states his number one priority is housing. Hopefully the bland and uninspiring chair of the Housing Committee (Van Robinson) doesn’t crush his spirit.

6) Best win–County legislature: Tom Buckel, 7th District. This one is for all us Democrats in Onondaga County who saw a young law school grad. challenge US Congressman Wortley in the 1980’s and validate our decision to continue to live in this (then) overwhelmingly Republican area. Plus, his victory eliminates all stains of Republican-ism in the city delegation to the County Legislature. Bright, tough and hardworking. The future’s so bright Buckel’s gotta wear shades.

7) Howie Hawkins or Harold Stassen? Endorsed by the local paper and considered to have a shot to take one of the two open Common Council At Large seats, Howie finished fourth with less than 5% of the vote. Howie got beat by a four-to-one margin by the third place finisher, a guy who owes $11,000 in parking tickets to the city!

8) Best campaign slogan: “Street Fighting Man” by Common Council At Large victor Bill Ryan. Glad to finally see a politician come down so forcefully on the Stones/Beatles issue. Oh, and he’s a Red Sox fan!

9) Why didn’t Ed Ryan’s primary commercials cast him as pro wrestler The Undertaker taking on the corrupt Albany politician, or at least holding a wake for “business as usual” in Onondaga County?

10) 2010 Mayoral Campaign. Democrats who will announce candidacy: Miner, Gonzalez, Robinson, Corriders and Ryan. Republicans who will announce candidacy: McMahon, Wolken.


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