Keep ’em Coming!

O.K., this is just freaking me out. We all know that Bruce is a prolific writer and recorder, but stingy with releases. Little Steven has been quoted as saying that Bruce is always walking around with at least half an album of new songs in his back pocket. Remember the rumor that Bruce had recorded an entire album of hip hop-influenced rock in the vein of Streets Of Philadelphia? His box set of 40+ previously unreleased songs “Tracks” only hinted at the depth of Bruce’s vault.

Well, now the rumor is this: Bruce already has another full album of songs recorded and ready to release after the furor of Magic and his tour dies down.

This rumor comes from Brendan O’Brien, his producer on The Rising and Magic. The Billboard article also states that O’Brien was sought out to produce both for his musical ideas and for his ability to help Bruce let go of songs and release them. The recent Springsteen release schedule would seem to back up this theory.

One last “Magic” note, Billboard is also reporting that Bruce’s new release will debut at Number One on the Top 200 Album Chart next week–as did both “The Rising” and “Devils & Dust.” Acolytes of the Church of Bruce always seem to buy early, as the albums usually tumble after the first week. Tramps like us, baby we were born to buy on Day 1!


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