It’s Not Myanmar Shave, Call It Burma!

Finally, confirmation (by James Fallows of Atlantic Magazine) of what I’ve always believed: Myanmar is the name for the nation previously known as Burma coined by the evil military junta that has been oppressing the small country for years. Why should Westerners kowtow to the thugs by agreeing to use the new name?

However, as Fallows notes: this does put me in agreement with a Bush foreign policy decision. W. never uses the “M” word, he consistently says Burma.


One thought on “It’s Not Myanmar Shave, Call It Burma!

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  1. However, in a twisted way the thugs should now claim credit.

    Are nature’s way of paying
    Back dissident
    Min Ko Naing
    ….Myanmar Shave

    Our people deserve
    All the grief
    Forget About
    The Food Relief
    ….Myanmar Shave

    Our regime
    Demands respect
    In spite of our
    Malign neglect
    ….Myanmar Shave

    If you take pictures
    From the train
    You’ll get a bullet
    In your brain
    ….Myanmar Shave


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