Bruce Rocks Asbury Park: Twice!

On Monday and Tuesday, Bruce played two rehearsal concerts at the Convention Hall in Asbury Park, N.J., warming up for the official start to the Magic Tour, scheduled for Tuesday October 2 in Hartford, Ct. (the same day the album “Magic” drops in stores.)

According to the authoritative Bruce magazine and website Backstreets:
“At the beginning of the show, Bruce said they’d be offering up ‘a few new ones, a few old ones, maybe a few mistakes, but I doubt it.’ By the encore, he amended that: ‘Well… maybe there were a few mistakes!'”

Bruce fan Crazy Janey from the Further On Up blog posted about her disappointment at missing the Asbury shows, but also included some cool gig photos she found on the ‘net.

A scan of the rehearsal setlists looks exciting for the Albany show November 15th:
8 songs off the new album Magic,
5 songs from my favorite album: Darkness On The Edge Of Town (although no Racing In The Street, my fave of faves–look at my blog name!),
a prominent space for Lonesome Day, the best from The Rising and a great live song
Born To Run deep cuts Night and She’s The One
An E-Street attempt at the Seeger Sessions pro-immigration cut American Land

Things may change, as it stands now the Albany show is the second to last show before the European leg of the tour. Bruce’s setlists tend to morph during the end stages of tours.

Next up: Friday the 28th will be a busy day for Bruce and the E-Streeters: watch a live 8 a.m. appearance on the Today Show in NYC at Rockefeller Plaza. That evening will be the final dress rehearsal for the tour in E. Rutherford at the Meadowlands in the great state of New Jersey!


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