Cool Hat!


Originally uploaded by Phil At Sun

Unclutterer is a very interesting site that helps people deal with the detritus of modern consumer capitalism ie: it gives you the fortitude to throw stuff away you don’t really need and hints on how to store the rest so it’s not falling out of closets and bulging out of drawers.

HOWEVER, the site recently touched on my one sore spot: baseball caps. Here is their typical, uncomplicated advice:

“Maybe you will ultimately decide that you want to keep two cotton hats for summer wear and two wool ones for winter. Or, maybe you want two with logos of your favorite baseball team and two with logos of your favorite football team. Regardless of your choosing method, I can’t see why you would ever need more than four baseball hats. If someone can explain to me a valid reason, I may change my tune, but my experience shows me otherwise.”

Boy, does this person not have a clue. 4 hats?

1) High school, undergraduate and grad school: 5 hats
2) Syracuse U. 2003 NCAA basketball tournament victory: 2 hats
3) Additional S.U. hats (since NCAA hats are too precious to wear): 3 hats
4) Rock concerts (Springsteen, Dead): 2 hats
5) Polish eagle to honor wife’s family heritage: 1 hat
6) Community organization (work): 2 hats
7) Vacation souvenirs: 8 hats
8) Boston Red Sox hats: 7 hats (have to rotate during season when luck runs out with one style–switch to another to end slumps)

That’s 30, not including beat up old hats for yard work–probably another 5 hats. So, keep the hats under 40 and you’re doing OK in my book.


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