Plainville Turkey Phony

Mark Bitz, the owner of Plainville Turkey Farms, sold his family business to a large multinational conglomerate for an undisclosed, but presumably substantial, sum.

This is the same Mark Bitz that got up on a soapbox and cried that the dysfunctional NY State government was ruining his business and endangering his ability to pass the business that had been in his family for six generations onto his children.

Well, under this terrible NY State government, Plainville Farms doubled its sales in the past four years and seems poised to grow even more. The key to Plainville Farms success was not political reform, but being part of the lucrative niche maket of organic/ no hormone/natural foods–something that is becoming more popular as factory farming procedures continue to threaten the purity of our food and our nation’s health.

Now Bitz blithely remarks about his suddenly booming business: “The capital requirements have been really heavy duty,” Bitz said. “It isn’t a business any more that you just say to your children, ‘Here it is, see what you can do with it.’ “


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