A Muse, Up To A Point

Pattie Boyd is apparently writing a memoir, commenting on her life as a wife to first George Harrison and then to Eric Clapton. What I find interesting in the media coverage of her book is her role as the inspiration for some monumental rock music.

Beatle George Harrison allegedly wrote the song “Something”
for the Abbey Road album with his wife in mind, although he recanted this after their divorce. No less a star than Frank Sinatra has called the song the single best Beatles composition (although he erroneously credited the song to Lennon/McCartney.)

Eric Clapton famously wrote the entire Derek and the Dominos album Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs while in the midst of two obsessions: Pattie and heroin. The album is incredible, both for the musicianship and the astounding public announcement of Clapton’s unrequited love for his best friend’s wife. “Layla”, “Bell Bottom Blues”, “Why Does Love Got To be So Sad?”, “Key To The Highway” are all masterpieces of blues rock guitar (both Clapton and the late Duane Allman) and overwought emotion.

The only trouble with the muse theme in regard to Pattie Boyd is the song credited to her inspiration after Boyd divorced Harrison and married Clapton: “Wonderful Tonight.” What a piece of crap! The song is now played by countless wedding bands, “soft rock” stations, elevators and other Muzak locations near you. No wonder she divorced Clapton too.


2 thoughts on “A Muse, Up To A Point

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  1. Um, THANK YOU for that post.

    Because I can’t stand that song either. Oh, and I can’t stand “Unchained Melody” either, although that has nothing to do with Clapton.

    Running away to hide, now.


  2. Oh, PS- regarding “Wonderful Tonight” – I guess that’s musical proof of why infidelity is fun in theory but usually a bad idea in practice!

    OK, going back into hiding.


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