Red Sox Nation An Expansive Place

No wonder the Red Sox have the best record in baseball. Even when they play on the road, they have the home field advantage. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer blog on Indians baseball:

“For the second straight night, Jacobs Field rocked to the cheers of thousands of Boston fans.

‘It bothers me,’ said Sabathia. ‘It’s a little embarrassing. There are such great fans in this city. I was here when we sold this place out. But when you hear cheers of ‘Youk, Youk, Youk’ when Youkilis comes to the plate, that’s not Cleveland.’


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  1. Sorry but as a Red Sox fan it is easier to get tickets out of Boston (good seats at good prices) then it is in Boston. I myself am going to Baltimore in September and have gone to Tampa Bay a few years ago.

    Cleveland had fans in the seats when they were getting to the world series and I have no doubt that if it happens again those seats will fill back up with Indians fans.

    The very first game in the series I heard what sounded like booing while Boston was up at bat. I figured Manny was up next and boy was I shocked when Youkilis came to the plate. (yooouk sounds a lot like booing even in Fenway)

    I hope it doesn’t turn out like it did in Chicago for Cleveland. When they won the world series the next year was full of White Sox bandwagon fans. They aren’t there this year.

    (not my site)


  2. Hey Firedanny (a great idea by the way):

    It may not be obvious, but I’m a huge Sox fan (dating back to visiting my grandmother every summer on Cape Cod and getting hooked on the ’67 pennant race.)

    It is fantastic that RSN shows up at enemy parks in such numbers. You’re also right about one thing–for most of these teams, one bad year and the crowds disappear. Red Sox fans are lifers.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog (a slice of Red Sox Nation behind enemy lines in Yankee Country!)


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