Excellus Leaves Downtown–So What?

A few thoughts on Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield moving 850 jobs out of downtown to Dewitt and the abandoned Agway building.

1) What do we lose? Excellus still has to pay property taxes on their building until it’s sold, right? The Syracuse area still has the 850 jobs, less than 5 miles away. Excellus still has some employees downtown in the old Deluxe Check building.

2) Business downtown will be hurt? What’s to hurt? Warren and Salina are now filled with empty store fronts and discount stores. Most of the retail/restaurant business downtown near Excellus have either given up the ghost or relocated closer to Armory Square.

3) New development in the area, O’Brien and Gere, Atrium garage, Centro center, Wilson Building will spur new growth. Look at this vacancy as an opportunity to plan something new and exciting.

4) Why should the city cater to a company that price gouges small businesses with double digit health insurance increases every year while constantly increasing CEO compensation?


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