Blinded By The Light

One last post on Live In Dublin. This album has gotten so much airplay in my household that I haven’t even taken the shrinkwrap off the other album I bought Tuesday, Wilco’s “Sky Blue Sky”.

“Blinded By The Light” has long been a Springsteen trivia question: name Bruce’s only #1 chart single. The catch is that it was Manfred Mann’s Earth Band’s version that topped the charts. It even figured in the only instance in which “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” had to invite a player back after the show incorrectly identified Bruce as the only artist in a list of four without a #1 hit single.

Now “BBTL” is famous for something else. It’s the most insanely catchy mash-up of bossa nova beats, klezmer fiddle and call and response lyrics I’ve ever heard.

People always complain about getting songs stuck in their head, but I’ve been going around singing “I’ve been blinded, (BLINDED!) blinded, (BLINDED!) blinded baby by the light.” for the last several days, without a care in the world.


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  1. Love that quote from Bruce that references Manfred Mann’s success in catapulting his song into the #1 slot…was because he said, “Cut loose like a douche” instead of “Cut loose like a deuce…” If only he knew he needed to sing about femine hygiene products instead of hot rods……………………………….he’s have been boound for glory sooner…;-)

    Love the entire Greetings album simply because of the writing…This is a writer finding his own…using and overusing…bombarding the listener(reader) from every avenue…
    This is adolescence letting loose into the world…where you’re still able to make your own rules before having to answer to anybody…
    Damn I love that album…


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