Ten Best Things About Sports

In an article on Salon, sports columnist King Kaufman notes an article by a San Diego sportswiter listing the 10 worst things about sports (a pretty good list because it includes both the designated hitter and the New York Yankees.)

He asked readers to submit their ideas for the converse list–the ten best things in sport. The only one he listed so far is the first goal in a big soccer match. Here is my list:

The 10 Best Things In Sports

1) The relay throw (outfielder-cutoff man-catcher) that nails the guy at home in baseball.

2) The punt return or kickoff return for a touchdown in football.

3) The longstick defender scoring a goal in lacrosse.

4) The bicycle kick in soccer.

5) Stealing the ball off another player’s dribble in basketball.

6) The “one-timer” re-directed goal in hockey.

7) Blocking a spike in volleyball.

8) The clean forehand winner down the line in tennis.

9) A reversal in wrestling (real, not pro).

10) The photo-finish in horseracing.


2 thoughts on “Ten Best Things About Sports

Add yours

  1. What about 4×400 relay in track and field, especially in the Olympics. That is thrilling!
    Also, what about a pitching the golf ball in the hole from 100 yards? I guess you would have to write a top 20 to get everything in.


  2. Close on number 8, but the clean-backhand-down-the-line-winner tops it, especially when hit with enough topspin that it looks like its going wide but then sort of dives back down to nick the line.


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