Long Live The Revolution!

Long Live The Revolution!

Originally uploaded by Phil At Sun.

I’ve always thought the Syracuse Post-Standard has been gradually moving towards

my liberal politics. As a youth growing up in the early 1970’s the

“Sub-Standard” was a right-wing mouthpiece. However, I was pleasantly

surprised to see the Post Standard’s new advertising slogan stenciled on a local paper

box in my neighborhood. If you can’t quite make out the phrase due to

my poor camerawork, it says: “Capitalism Is Not Democracy.”

Long Live The Revolution, comrade!


One thought on “Long Live The Revolution!

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  1. I don’t remember the Syracuse Newspapers being right-wing… just depressingly conservative (in the most stick-in-the-mud sense) and pro-corporate. I have to keep reminding people who “useta” live here that the Post-Standard actually isn’t really like that any more.


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