The Post Standard Must Be Freakin’ Kidding Me

Boy did the Sunday Opinion section set off a tidal wave of ranting, swearing and pillow-throwing in my household.

First is an article chastising residents of this area for “defensive pessimism” by S.U. Chancellor Nancy Cantor then an editorial praising the “breakthrough” in negotiations between the city and county on negotiations for the County’s sewage treatment plant projects.

For the past five years, Mayor Driscoll was correct when he advocated for our city by pointing out the “antiquated technology” of partially treated sewage overflow, the idiotic idea of putting a sewage plant in Syracuse’s hottest neighborhood and the fact that the Midland plant is still “bad for people, families, neighborhoods, bad for the environment and bad for the future.”

Driscoll sold us out because he cares more about private development and the production of parking spaces than he does for neighborhood residents.

So my question for Chancellor Cantor: how the hell else do you expect us to relate to the corrupt pawns of private enterprise that represent our region other than with defensive pessimism? Don’t expect anything and you wont get your hopes dashed. There are no plans for our community, there are no concerns for environment, there is no humanity–just a healthy regard for the balance sheet.


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