Bruce Springsteen To Play NY State Fair

Dan O’Hara, The new director of the Fair, dreams big!


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  1. No, the article was a background piece on the new director and two comments stand out: O’Hara allegedly never backs away from challenges and he wants Bruce at the Fair.

    Put one and one together and. . .

    Now is it going to be the Grandstand or the free Cole Muffler Court?


  2. Actually, it may be the Infield… if it happens, of course.

    I went to the Geddes Historical Society meeting last night to hear former Fair director Peter Capuccilli speak, and he had warm words for incoming director Dan O’Hara and said he thought that a Springsteen concert could definitely happen, but it perhaps couldn’t be accommodated at the Grandstand and could possibly be in the infield. I think he was speaking in purely theoretical terms but he didn’t seem to think bringing Bruce to the Fair was impossible.

    Also he talked about some perfectly horrible plan, that thankfully never came off, to replace the Grandstand with a NASCAR track. (it didn’t happen because the Fair people smelled a rat and didn’t believe the builder’s promises that NASCAR was going to split into two leagues).


  3. My only request to the State fair–try to keep the scalpers out of this. Pearl Jam, the Dead and Dave Matthews do a good job of making sure that real fans get good tickets.I’m going to look into this and share my info with the Fair.


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