Matt Driscoll Sells Us Out–Again

It’s getting to be routine, Matt Driscoll selling out the interests of Syracuse neighborhoods to make nice with the business interests and County Executive Pirro: you know, the folks that really run this town.

Driscoll sold us out again. The headline in today’s paper is: Syracuse,county ink sweeping agreement. The city will drop its appeal of the County’s eminent domain seizure of land for the Midland Ave. sewage treatment plant and agree not to bring any new lawsuits. In return, the County will be allowed to build a sewage plant in Armory Square and finish the plant on Midland Ave. The city gets some money for development in three neighborhoods surrounding the plants.

Reading between the lines, the city was especially keen on the $4 million that the County will pour into two private development projects in Armory Square area–developments that promise to create hundreds of parking spaces in parking-starved downtown Syracuse.

So, what have we lost?

1) Residents and businesses near the plants on Midland and Armory Square will still see sewage dumped into Onondaga Creek. The stormwater/sewage mix will allegedly be treated to eliminate 85% of the sewage , but will also now contain toxic chlorine.

2) The courts will not issue an opinion on the County’s asserted right to seize land under eminent domain from another governmental entity. Batten down the hatches, the County can take anything it wants from ANYONE!

Well, we got screwed by Matt on Valentine’s Day–and he didn’t even have the courtesy to give us any chocolate!


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