A Blogroll Stroll

I updated my blogroll with the blogs that I am reading with regularity (excluding more technical things, like those written by non-profit agencies etc.) Here’s some detail on the new blogs I added (check ’em out):

blogJosh Josh Shear updates this more frequently than his Alive in CNY blog, with a wider variety of topics.

Groovy Green If you miss regular posts to Baloghblog, catch all the posts Steve contributes to this group blog on sustainable development.

Cookin’ In The ‘Cuse Great writing on food issues and the photos can only be described as food porn.

Further On Up I discovered this blog after Janey posted on my prior blog to comment on my Springsteen obsession. She’s a much more devoted Bruce fan than I, but her site also talks about issues such as her career in adolescent mental health and her beautiful doggies.

Listen Up Mark Bialczak is the music writer for the Post Standard. He covers a multitude of local events and even got a song named after him by Fritz’s Polka Band (how cool is that!)

Gen X At 40 Alan’s blog out of Kingston is about a little bit of everything–but the fact that he’s a fan of both the Red Sox and Syracuse U. was why I started reading. Now, despite Alan’s continual arguments that blogging is all a bunch of crap notwithstanding, I can’t stop reading.

The Salt(ed) City
Interesting writing about economic development in our fair city from a couple of bloggers, one of whom is a member of that caste we’re so desperate to lure back home–young professionals that left CNY for a hotter career.

This Biochemical Life This blogger earned a PhD at S.U. in biochem and now has his eyes trained on a law degree–all while parenting a young toddler with his wife. How does he find time to blog?

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