He’s Ready, Why Wait. Obama in ’08!

I don’t often post about national politics. I still believe that what you do in your own town, with your own folks, has a more important effect on your life than the spectator sport of Presidential politics. And Obama’s not even an official candidate. Anyway:

This blog officially endorses Barack Obama for President of the United States.

1) National politics isn’t always relevant to our everyday lives. However, in an attempt to spread the freedoms of democracy, the current Commander in Chief sends young men and women overseas to die, tortures enemy combatants and suspends the constitutional rights of foreigners and citizens alike. It doesn’t get more relevant than that. We need a strong advocate for the dismantling of our current policies. Obama is one of the few declared candidates that has opposed the war since the beginning.

2) In order to move beyond the red/blue state divide, we need a candidate, like Bill Clinton in 1992, who combines a razor-sharp intellect with the political skills to reach out to a much broader spectrum of the populace than just an electoral college plurality.

3) Especially after the reign of Bush/Cheney/Rove, we need a leader that will explain, mediate and compromise. Our country needs a President that understands that his opponents’ views ought to be respected, even if they are not supported.

4) We need a campaign that focuses on issues, that elevates the public discourse and disavows the politics of hate, fear and division pioneered by consultants such as Lee Atwater and Karl Rove. No candidate is as attuned to this reality as Obama.

5) Barack Obama was a community organizer. He knocked on doors, developed citizen leaders, organized meetings and protests. Obama was recently quoted as saying that “ordinary people working together can achieve the extraordinary.” Organizers may never get this chance again, to elect one of our own!

6) Have you read his books? He doesn’t use a ghostwriter and they are not typical political tripe. Thoughtful, open and eloquent expression, a first for a politician.


7 thoughts on “He’s Ready, Why Wait. Obama in ’08!

  1. Washington, DC UK news

    In yet another act of rabid perfidity and disloyalty, Democratics nationwide have switched allegiance from Hillary Clinton, the smartest woman in the world, to an unknown lightweight junior Senator from Illinois, Barak Hussein Obama.

    Reasons given for Mr.Obamas rise to national prominence are myriad. Said one supporter, ” He’s so smart, I think. And he writes good. And he’s not a white guy. He has it all.”

    Given the recent trend in Democrat politics to favor the newcomer, Mr.Obama has surely seized the opportunity to be a fresh face in a sea of old, tired ones. Reservations about Mr.Obamas lack of experience in nearly all things governmental, and definitely all things relating to foreign policy and war have been pushed aside for now, allowing supporters to focus on what feels good about the candidate.

    And on and on….


  2. Hey,icanplainlysee:

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I don’t discount that Obama’s inexperience will be a drawback, but I’m counting on his intelligence to offset any problems he may encounter. Our current President had even less experience on national and international affairs, with none of the intellectual tools to compensate.


  3. Curiously though, doesn’t it seem as if any candidate who’s considered a front-runner two years before the election, never actually becomes the nominee?


  4. I really like Obama…
    He is a captivating speaker who is clear, concise and poignant…My, what a change in the landscape…
    He certainly has some challenges to overcome in order to go all the way…but he seems motivated by challenge…
    This is going to really be interesting as it unfolds…


  5. Hi Janey,

    I agree, Obama is above average smart, nice smile, articulate and doesn’t stumble over phrases.

    However, nothing else about him is fresh exciting or new. His life has been spent wrapped up in the old, tired standard left of center politics of a feminized nanny state, pro abortion, trade restrictions and tariffs, downsizing the US military, pro illegal
    immigrant amnesty, anti-gun, anti-faith and the usual wide array of left wing causes.

    So, poignant or not, He’s the same old thing. A male Hillary, if you will.

    What would REALLY be refreshing is someone who is not a party hack and will truly represent all Americans. I’m looking out the window, waiting for the flying pigs. They’ll probably come on by before that happens.


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