A Little Pork Roast For The Holiday

Courtesy of the Daily Politics blog.

A reader of Ben Smith’s politics blog for the NY Daily News sent him an elegant, searchable Excel spreadsheet for all NY State Assembly member items (aka pork barrel spending) since the 2003-04 fiscal year. Unlike in the past, each item is labeled with the assembly member responsible for the cash.

The data was released due to the efforts of the Albany Times Union newspaper in the courts. while the assembly’s data was released in a monstrous format running thousands of pages, the senate’s data was released in an even worse format. The anonymous tech savvy reader who created the Assembly spreadheet told Daily Politics that creating the same spreadheet for the Senate will be harder.

Now, as for our local hog butchers Magnarelli and Christensen:

1) Not apologizing for backing the doomed Bragman coup is still hurting Ms. Christensen. In the four year period covered, Magnarelli brought back $1.625 million in pork from Albany. Christensen brought back $340,000 in the same time period.

2) Christensen and Magnarelli teamed up for $250,000 to rebuild Nottingham HS athletic fields.

3) Magnarelli and Christensen teamed up with other CNY Democratic Assembly Hog Butchers to bring back $1.39 million in pork for various school districts, fire departments and non-profit agencies. ($515,750 of that total went into the districts represented by Magnarelli and Christensen).

4) Magnarelli can well be described as the Metropolitan Development Association’s go-to guy. In the four years covered by this data, Magnarelli helped steer $1.535 million to the development group. $535,000 of that money was done in tandem with Assembly leader Shelly Silver.

5) Magnarelli also helped Speaker Silver steer $172,000 in operating expenses to the New York State chapter of NARAL–National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League.


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