NPR Notices Upstate, If Only To Take Pity

On NPR’s Morning Edition this A.M. there was a story on the sluggish economy in parts of the Northeast and Rust Belt midwest. The rather generic piece: bland academic, quotes from both candidates, one real “common man”, was based on interviews done in NY’s 20th Congressional District near Albany. The actual person interviewed was a meat-cutter at a grocery in Glens Falls.

Although the internet citation labels the story “Sluggish economy weakens Republican candidate”, the story’s focus on the Sweeney/Gillibrand race was minimal, focusing instead on describing upstate NY’s economy as one “almost as dire” as well-known basket cases in the industrial midwest. Syracuse was namechecked and lumped in with other cities struggling with the loss of manufacturing jobs since the 1990’s.

I thought we had reached the post-smokestack economy phase of our development?


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