You Look Marvelous

You Look Marvelous

Originally uploaded by Phil At Sun.

I was brushing my teeth this morning, looked at my tube of toothpaste and
the old Saturday Night Live skit with Billy Crystal popped into my head “it’s better to look good than to feel good, and darling. . .you look mahhvelous.”

I don’t have much brand loyalty with toothpaste, buying pretty much whatever is the least expensive. However, I’ve noticed that with increasing
regularity, the familiar American Dental Association seal of approval. is missing from my toothpaste.

The seal is a pretty amazing thing. A 125 year track record of guaranteeing the safety and effectiveness of dental products, even to the extent of verifying all advertising claims. This is also the cause of so many recent products being denied the seal. The big deal now is whitening. We’re not so much concerned about cavities as we are about our appearance (of course, if we had been paying closer attention to our brushing habits all along our teeth wouldn’t be so dingy.)

The fact is, almost all toothpaste that claims to whiten does not work! How do we know? The American Dental Association will not approve most toothpaste that claims it makes your teeth whiter. What other industry has a watchdog that thoroughly tests all products and vets all advertising? Why do we ignore this stuff? Vanity.

Remember, brush your teeth well, if only to get rid of all the tainted cow manure from that bagged spinach. Progress, no stoppin’ it!


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