Shakin’ the Blogger Dust Off My Heels

This is the new and improved version of my earlier blog (Racing In The Street). Let’s see how this works out. Blogger hates both Explorer for Mac (as does Microsoft since they have discontinued it) and Safari. It got so bad that I couldn’t even log on to my account to post.

Even though I saw a dispiriting entry in the WordPress FAQ that essentially tells Safari users to run over to Firefox as fast as their little feet can carry them, at least this blog can be updated. No bells and whistles and ricketa-racketa, just honest weblog goodness.


4 thoughts on “Shakin’ the Blogger Dust Off My Heels

  1. NYCO

    I think you’ll like WordPress. It’s way more advanced that Blogger and has many nice features. (Including, automatically showing you who has linked to your blog, which is how I found out about your new address.) 🙂


  2. phil,

    i like this a lot, although for a while i won’t be able to cheat and get to your site through google.

    by the way, we were walking past miller-chevy-cole muffler-supreme-appellate division court the other day when foreigner was doing “cold as ice.” the band has replaced lou graham (rochesterian) with a new lead singer, who’s monkeyed with the lyrics:

    You’re as cold as ice
    You’re willing to sacrifice
    They want to debate-cha
    Here in Appal-achia
    But you won’t
    Heard it before
    Happens all the time
    Doing Brooklyn
    Leave Hornell behind …

    That’s all I caught. But it was catchy.

    – Sean


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