Spitzer-Suozzi Debate–Upstate Doesn’t Exist

If you watched the only debate scheduled between the two Democratic candidates for governor of NY State, you heard lots of stuff either Elliot Spitzer or Tom Suozzi will do for NY City and environs. Fire the heads of the power company and transit authority. Spend billions of dollars to improve (only) NY City’s schools. Shut down the NYC area nuclear power plant. Rebuild the Ground Zero site with differing percentages of commercial and residential space.

About the only thing that apparently will happen upstate is that the governor will live in the governor’s mansion in Albany. Oh, Spitzer assured us that he has toured our poor area (he didn’t mention Appalachia this time). Suozzi did mention that he would support the passage of laws that would make the upstate business climate more “attractive” (read anti-union: repeal Wickes law, and reform scaffolding legislation), but was short on specifics on how to reform insurance and worker’s comp. problems.

NYCO said it best in her first post on the debate: “I am %@^$%^@#&$%ing furious at the fact that nearly every non-general question asked in the debate was about #^&$^#&*%^$&*%^&ing New York City issues.”

BuffaloPundit pointed out how Buffalo, where there was no live televised coverage of the debate, lost out twice: “If you’re a Buffalo-area Democrat, you have been essentially foreclosed not only from seeing the debate, but even being a salient issue for discussion.”

Nothing on upstate issues such as floods in the Southern Tier, increasing number of factory farms upstate, New York Regional Interconnect powerline project, DestiNY USA, funding for non-NYC school districts, Buffalo’s financial control board–the list is endless on the issues they ignored.


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