Springsteen Heads To Europe, Expands New Album

Bruce is taking the Seeger Sessions band back to Europe for two months of touring in Bruce hot spots like Ireland, Spain, Italy and Sweden.

The rumors are still flying about an expanded version of the new album “We Shall Overcome”. Everyone coming out of the concerts are clambering for high fidelity versions of “How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live”, “Bring Them Home” and Bruce’s version of “When The Saints Come Marching In.” This is where Bruce fandom sucks. He’s going to release an album identical to the one I bought a couple of months ago, with just a couple of added tracks. I will be at Sound Garden in Armory Square the day of release.

Shades of the Tracks fiasco. Bruce releases a four disc set of unreleased rarities (many of which had been concert staples for years.) Fans nearly riot when they find out that songs like “The Promise” and “The Fever” aren’t included. So Bruce releases 18 Tracks–a 1 disc set culled from the four discs with three new songs. Back to Sound Garden on release day, buying 15 songs I already spent $30 on a month earlier, just to get three new songs.

Oh well, the price of fanaticism I guess.

One thought on “Springsteen Heads To Europe, Expands New Album

  1. Why must you feel compelled to be banging on the Garden gates on release day for the extended version if you don’t want to shell out more money??? Wait a couple of months post release and you can pick one up on ebay for a fraction of the cost…if cost is really the issue?BTW…hope you caught the Saratoga Springs show?


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