Episcopalians Shaken by Division in Church

This is why I don’t believe in organized religions. These are my peeps, I’m a baptized and confirmed Episcopalian. I had been heartened by the liberal drift in social thought by the church over the years, much different from the fusty WASP church in which I was raised. It still couldn’t rouse me from bed on Sunday mornings, especially since my wife and in-laws would pack me off to Catholic Church if I suggested some religious face-time.

Now the church is involved in a doctrinal meltdown that threatens the whole Episcopal structure in America and throughout the world. Apparently, the especially intolerant Episcopals in areas such as Africa and Asia cannot abide gay people. They do not want them in the church and they especially do not want them as ministers or bishops. They have threatened to leave the church and they have the numbers and clout. The “first among equals” in the Episcopal church is the Archbishop of Canterbury. He gets final say in this matter, since the English invented the whole religion (you know, so their king could get a divorce.) He’s threatening to create a two-tiered church: one that discriminates against gays and thus are fully recognized members and a second “off-brand” church that tolerates gays and therefore has no formal influence.

What is this bullshit? God, protect me from your followers.


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