I’ll probably be writing more details about this over at my work blog SUN On The Rise, but we just got word that a grant application that I wrote netted SUN a $10,000 award for our work organizing residents to reduce crime in our neighborhoods.

If you work for non-profit organizations, you cut down forests of trees and use unknown quantities of bandwidth begging various foundations and government agencies for funding, only to repeatedly be given the bum’s rush like a door-to-door salesman. It’s satisfying to be on the right end of the equation for once.

Thanks to all the neighborhood residents who have come out to public meetings to hold officials accountable or sat in our office for hours drinking crummy coffee and devising strategies for our next project. One thing was a constant, thanks to the pressure of SUN members, the city of Syracuse has implemented a score of alternative programs that forge an alliance between our police, neighborhood residents, private businesses and non-profit agencies.


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