It’s Not Taxes, It’s Housing Costs

According to US Census bureau reports on migration patterns within the country, Americans are continuing to leave the Northeast and relocate to the Sun Belt. In a CNN story on the trend, a key reason for these migration patterns is the extremely high costs of housing in areas like the Northeast and Far West cities.

Marc Perry, a demographer with the Census Bureau is quoted as saying that “some people are cashing out housing and moving to cheaper areas. Others who don’t own homes are moving so they can afford to buy one.”

Top 5 outmigration cities: N.Y.C., L.A., Chicago, San Fran. and Boston.

Top 5 inmigration cities: Riverside (CA), Phoenix, Tampa, Atlanta and Dallas

And to all you immigrant wall builders out there: New York State had more people move out of state than any other place in the country, BUT we still had a net population growth thanks to foreign immigration.


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