Law Will Segregate Omaha Schools By Race & Ethnicity

Several months ago, I recall being involved in a spirited conversation with several CNY bloggers about the nature of public school education in CNY, especially the stark difference between the financially challenged city school district and the more affluent suburban districts. Sean Kirst from the Post Standard pointed out that former mayor Tom Young had unofficially proposed setting up a county-wide school system, broken into city/county quadrants. While I supported this idea (and pointed out the real success that Raleigh N.C. has had with its county-wide school district) I also pointed out that suburban school districts and their families would oppose integration tooth and nail. I recall being urged to bring some more idealism to this issue.

Anyway, that brings me to this nugget of white, suburban fear, compounded by black separatist anger. In Omaha, Nebraska an attempt to annex 11 largely white school districts located within city limits, but controlled by adjacent suburban districts, has morphed into a law segregating the Omaha schools into 3 entitites–one white, one black and one hispanic.

E Pluribus Unum? Not if my kids have to go to school with black kids!


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