That "New Cars" Smell–Not Bad!

An interesting rock ‘n’roll revival–The Cars, replacing singer/songwriter/leader Ric Ocasek with, wait for it. . . TODD RUNDGREN!Now called The New Cars, the band ripped through a nice performance on the Tonight Show of the Cars hit “Good Times Roll”.

I’m very much into this development. From the Nazz to Utopia and his solo career, Rundgren is a much more accomplished writer and performer than the icy Ocasek. New album and tour in May!


2 thoughts on “That "New Cars" Smell–Not Bad!

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  1. Wow, this IS news. I’m not particularly a fan of either Ocasek or Rundgren, but wouldn’t you say that Rundgren is more “Cars” than Ocasek??


  2. I’m a huge Rundgren fan (“Open My Eyes” from the Nazz is one of my favorite tunes) and I view this as a very positive development. I was never a big Cars fan, their debut album was very good, everything else leaves me cold.And that’s what I take away from the Cars–cold! Ocasek plays up the synthy, surface 80’s mood very well–but ran it into the ground.Rundgren’s live performance on the Tonight Show was great–audience participation, call and response choruses. Awesome. I’m looking forward to their new album–a mixture of Cars covers and new tunes.


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