Joanie Bugs Out

Joanie Mahoney, the recent Republican candidate for Mayor of the City of Syracuse, has decided to move out of the city. The decision has already been framed in political terms, by both the Driscoll and Mahoney camps.:

“She wasn’t really into the election, she was a stalking horse for the Mayor’s opponents.” Vs.
“The policies of Mayor Driscoll are driving families out of the city.”

They’re both wrong. I’ve seen firsthand the effort that Ms. Mahoney put into her work as an assistant District Attorney and a Common Councilor. You cannot fake that kind of commitment to your community. However, I don’t buy the cop-out rationale that Matt Driscoll made her move out of the city. I accept Joanie’s statement that the move is for her family, they need a larger house and the Catholic school their children are all attending is closing. However, these are choices that she made and could have been made differently.

There are no larger houses in the city of Syracuse? Matt Driscoll closed down St. James? Let’s face it, the suburbs have bigger yards, bigger houses and better schools. If that’s what you want, fine. Not everyone can live in the city. At least be honest about your motivations. You want to be a suburban hausfrau.

As more well-heeled families take their tax dollars out of the city, the day will soon come when we start finding alternative means to tax those who use our city for work and recreation, without contributing to the public coffer.

Hey Joanie: don’t let the screen door hit you in the ass on your way out!


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