If You Thought Crows Were Bad, Try Coyotes

Here are some e-mails being flashed around by our neighborhood association:

“…several coyote spottings on Alden Street and behind St. Andrew’s Church. This coyote seems to come out during the early morning hours and I saw him just yesterday on a neighbor’s front lawn and then in the church parking lot at 5:00 p.m. when there were plenty of people and cars around.”

“I see the coyote(s) and a fox all the time in our backyard on Thurber. I chased the fox out of our yard when we got home from work at 6 pm last week “

From Vincent Street across from the park: “There have been coyotes in our back yard just a few days ago.  Our cats spotted them around 9:30pm.”
“dog walker friends of mine who live in the neighborhood were walking their dogs (large dogs) on leash early in the morning and were tailed closely by a coyote for several blocks.  He eventually turned into the cemetery as they were approaching my house on Jamesville Ave.”

Our 3 dogs are medium sized (40-50 lbs) and are outside in our fenced backyard as a pack, but I’m still freaked out. We don’t let them run in the back by themselves anymore, we’re hanging on the porch with our coffee in the morning and huddled in our jackets and pajamas before bedtime.

Doing some research, I came across an interesting article in the Smithsonian magazine about urban coyotes titled City Slinkers. Apparently, we are in the midst of an unprecedented coyote boom and coyotes have moved into every nook and cranny of the country–big cities and suburbs included. Coyotes thrive because they are nimble, smart and eat ANYTHING. Lots of good eatin’ in city garbage cans, bird feeders and small pets. We’re not alone!


One thought on “If You Thought Crows Were Bad, Try Coyotes

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  1. your post strikes home. i just finished reading “white fang” and “call of the wild.” if coyotes are as smart as jack london’s wolves, we ought to think about electing them.in any event, i was out walking my dog late at night on the trails at elmwood park a couple of days ago, where a friend told me a while ago that she had seen coyotes. the dog, all of a sudden, went on full alert, electric, running in small circles, looking up through the snow and trees toward the ridge … but not firing up there, the way he would if he heard a rabbit or a deer. i had a wild feeling that we were the ones being watched, and i wonder …sean


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