Will The Erie Canal Bring Bruce Back To Syracuse?

“it’s been a long, long drought baby/but tonight the rain’s pouring down on our roof.”

First the CD version of the 1975 Hammersmith Odeon concert was released in February. Now the announcement of an April 25th release of a collection of traditional folk songs entitled We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions.

The collection features Bruce’s covers of spirited, socially aware folk songs, in the vein of singer and activist Pete Seeger. The band is not the E-Streeters, although Soozie Tyrell plays fiddle and Patti Scialfa sings background harmony.

The band, playing acoustic/traditional instruments, will also go out on tour. Will Syracuse (skipped over for the last two E-Street tours and the recent Devils & Dust solo acoustic tour) see its first Bruce concert since the 1996 Ghost of Tom Joad solo acoustic tour? I’m hoping that an album that contains the song “Erie Canal” will help convince Bruce to come back to Syracuse.


One thought on “Will The Erie Canal Bring Bruce Back To Syracuse?

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  1. phil –you’d like to think that if bruce heard about the struggles the landmark is having in bringing big names to syracuse, that he’d come here simply on principle – especially when he’d only be a half-mile from the erie canal museum and libba’s old left-handed guitar.– sean


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