Born To Run Photographer Profiled In Post-Standard

More Born To Run 30th Anniversary news:

The front page of Saturday’s Post-Standard sported the iconic photo of Bruce and Clarence from the BTR cover. The photographer was Eric Meola, a Syracuse native. Sean Kirst’s column “Springsteen on the verge” explores how a local kid just graduated from S.U. created one of the most memorable covers in rock ‘n’ roll history. Mr. Meola has gone on to a very successful photography career, far from the rock ‘n’ roll that gave him his first exposure.

The paper saved some of the best stuff for online readers: more interviews with Eric Meola, art director John Berg and some alternative takes from the same photo shoot.

Think Springsteen has lost his relevance? The lead article in the paper that same day: “Hundreds of rotating layoffs set for New Process Gear.”


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  1. hey, phil.i got a note today from a guy who recalled seeing bruce in oswego, just before christmas. get this: it was exactly 30 years ago on dec. 16, as part of the ripple from “born to run.”pre-sale tickets: $4. what do you think: was that bruce’s 1st appearance in cny?– sean


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