Don’t Believe The Green Party Hype

In the just concluded Syracuse mayoral campaign, it was obvious that the Post-Standard gave much more coverage (and much more positive coverage) to Howie Hawkins of the Syracuse Green Party, as a way to strike out at incumbent Mayor Matt Driscoll.

Despite all the nice comments about the Greens being a positive force and bringing new ideas to the campaign, the voters saw through the charade.

In 2001, Dr. Jennifer Daniels received more actual votes and a higher percentage of the overall vote than Howie Hawkins did yesterday. Daniels (1,945 votes/7.6%) Hawkins (1,476 votes/4.6%)
This does not include the 500 votes Dr. Daniels gained on the Libertarian line. The overall turnout was also much lower in 2001–Dr. Daniels got a bigger slice of a smaller pie.

I respect the ideals of the Green Party and they most closely mirror my own values. I would be a Green Party member if the local chapter made even the slightest effort at organizing real people, working on real issues and gaining some real power. Instead, they glom onto other people’s issues (Living Wage, Midland Sewage Plant) and focus solely on running kamikaze political campaigns.

Don’t believe the hype.


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