Southside Story–The Same Pigs At The Trough

If this story weren’t so sad, I’d be laughing myself sick. Pork barrel money from Sen. Hoffmann is returned because they can’t find legitimate businesses to receive economic assistance. The same porkers are at the trough–Walt Dixie, Mike Atkins, the MDA even got a taste of this money. These people go out and get money for their own pet projects, for their own friends and business associates. Some of the businesses were so laughable, that even NY State wouldn’t cough up the cash.

I work on the Southside and live on the eastside, about five minutes away. We have real needs and real businesses that could have benefitted from this assistance. But who knows how to apply, where to apply and what it takes to put together a real plan? The usual suspects feel that the Congels and Bragmans and the guy who tried to steal the whole Barge Canal can be crooked–where’s our taste?

The Southside–fucked again!


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