Open Letter To The Working Families Party

Sent by e-mail to the WFP today:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a registered Democrat living in the city of Syracuse. I noticed that you endorsed a Republican, Ryan McMahon, for the Common Council in the 3rd District where I live. I was a supporter of Homer Davis, Jr. who ran unsuccessfully in the Democratic primary for that same seat.

The winner of the Democratic primary was Patricia Maxwell, a Democratic Party insider who received the designation largely because she has helped out in the Democratic Party office opening mail and answering phones.

I was interested in learning why the WFP did not endorse Mr. Davis, who works for the local bus company and is a member of the Amalgamated Transit Union. As I understand the WFP, one of its goals is to push the Democrats into promoting candidates who support issues of importance to working families. An endorsement of Mr. Davis would have seemed to be the perfect way to do this. A progressive newcomer needs support when fighting the entrenched party bosses.

I admire your work to date and find your endorsement of a conservative Republican over a Democratic union member puzzling and logically inconsistent with your mission, as I understand it.

Any explanation you could give on this situation would be helpful in helping me sort out this situation.

Thank you.


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