I’m A Right- Sock Democrat

I recently saw an interview with Michael Moore on Nightline. Ted Koppell was pressuring him to admit that anti-war voters were snuggling up to John Kerry more because they hated Bush, rather than for any belief that Kerry would end the war. While Mike babbled something about Kerry listening to the will of the people and eventually getting out of Iraq, he did admit that “there are a lot of people out there that would vote for their right sock rather than George W. Bush.”

I’m one of them. I proudly admit that I am a right-sock Democrat. I am a registered Democrat and have been since I registered for the first time in 1978. However, I am as likely to vote for a third party candidate for President as I am for the Democrat. I voted for Barry Commoner of the here today, gone tommorrow Citizen’s Party in 1980 and Ralph Nader and the Green Party in 1996 and 2000. I stayed home and voted for Mondale in ’84, Dukakis in ’88 and Clinton in’92.

When centrist, lily-livered pseudo-Democrats piss me off, I go looking for some lefty champion. But I always run back to the fold when I absolutely, positively have to knock off a real Republican mofo. This is just such a time. Bush must go. Pre-emptive wars, looting the Social Security trust fund, the Orwellian new-speak “Patriot” Act, corporate crony capitalism, trashing the environment etc. I want Bush to be as much of a going concern as Enron.

The Democratic Party doesn’t really represent my views. The party is currently beholden to the business-types that fund the campaigns. Real innovative programs to help working folks and lift poor folks out of poverty happen at the grassroots and at lower levels of government. The Democrats are afraid to offend anyone–so they inspire no one. Martin Luther King, Jr. never used a focus group.

I will vote for John Kerry–even while believing everything Ralph Nader says. Because if you don’t, you could find yourself or a loved one on the road to Basra (or Damascus, Teheran, Pyongyang etc.)


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